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Learning about Japanese values 

will change your travel experiences.

Have you ever wanted to try out an authentic experience in Japan and researched local culture and traditions?


 ... but you couldn't get a clear picture of what authentic experiences were really about and how to engage in these cultural activities appropriately?

What if Japan's top experts could explain a variety of Japanese cultural activities and walk you through how to appreciate each of them in a good manner? 

Sounds good?

The Japan Experts Interviews

The Japan Experts Interviews are designed for you to get a basic idea on various aspects of Japanese culture through the lens of Japan’s bilingual experts who know Japan inside out.

It sheds light on Japanese cultural values, spiritual beliefs, and traditional customs, all of which are the foundation of Japanese culture.

The Best Part?

By simply listening to the experts interviews, you can:
Familiarise yourself with different kinds of cultural experiences and regional diversity within Japan.
Build good knowledge on Japanese culture to the level you can communicate with local specialists.
Find out the reasons behind Japanese cultural values, people's thinking and beliefs, and traditions. 

Full interviews handpicked for you!

 Japanese religious traditions and aesthetic values will be your must-have knowledge since these are highly relatable to what you will see and experience in Japan.


All interviews were originally recorded for the Japan Experts Podcast but they have been re-edited and repackaged into this album style format, which is available only here.   

This is a definitive collection where you can dive into the conversation without being distracted by advertisements and anything else.


Please feel free to send a request if you would like to access other full interviews. They will be added upon your request.

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Ready to
take your learning
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Real words from our listeners

"The interviewer is the best
that I have listened to in many years."

A few questions are asked but they bring forth from the experts a wealth of interesting information. It is more like a comfortable chat between friends, which just makes listening more compelling for me.  - diff58


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