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Would you like to have authentic cultural experiences in Japan?

If so, immersive travel is a great option for you.

It is a journey of getting to know the local people, diving deep into their culture, and supporting the local community.

It encourages you to leave familiarity, get out of your comfort zone, and actively seek out new experiences.

Immersive travel allows you the chance to experience a locale like a local.

 The aim is for you to discover something new
– whether it’s about yourself or something else – and to make meaningful connections with the local community.


It’s not a unique concept that can only happen in Japan. With that said, there are many reasons why Japan is a perfect destination for you to try immersive travel.


First, Japan is a safe country. A friend of mine who frequently visits Japan told me that Japan is a country where you don’t need to constantly have your guard up and that’s very rare in other parts of the world.


Whether you are travelling alone or are interacting with complete strangers in town, you can totally feel safe. And the Japanese are best described as nice and friendly people, although you may feel that they are a bit shy at first.


More importantly, Japanese traditions and customs are very different from what you are accustomed to in Western countries and so you will be constantly gaining new experiences in Japan.

Sounds Great!

But you may be thinking...

  • I'm planning to travel solo, so not knowing Japanese language makes me nervous.

  • My knowledge on Japan is limited, so I'm not sure about where to start with my travel planning.

  • Trying out authentic experiences sounds appealing but I don't know what's good among all the amazing choices. 

  • I feel Japanese people put great values in manners and etiquette, so I don't want to make mistakes and be seen as a foreign tourist who doesn't respect Japanese rules. 

Don't worry! Let me help you!!

I want to help you plan and prepare for 
immersive Japan Travel Experience!

I’m a Japanese-English speaking licensed guide, certified by the Japanese government.


Originally from a small town in central Japan, I grew up in a monolingual and monocultural environment --- being raised by Japanese parents who speak no other language except Japanese. During my childhood, I participated in local community engagement and traditional events and spent a Japanese school life in the seniority system.


When I moved to the UK at the age of 18, I didn't speak English. I only knew basic words and grammatical rules. At the beginning, I had a hard time communicating with other English speakers. I was embarrassed about making mistakes. I was even treated unfairly because of my limited command of English at that time. Eventually, I overcame these challenges and completed my undergraduate and postgraduate education in the UK.


During the time, I have moved from rural Scottish town St Andrews to more vibrant cosmopolitan city Oxford to the world’s most magnetic capital London. I met and became friends with people from all over the world, and travelled across the UK and Europe including Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Munich, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Florence, Tuscany, Potenza, and many more!​

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Since returning to Japan, I took solo trips to Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, San Francisco, New York, and São Paulo. I was so fortunate to have made local friends along the journey and everywhere I travelled to.

As a journalist and a professional communicator, I've been focusing on building relationships, bringing out the charms of the people, products and services, and telling their stories. 

I was living in Tokyo for more than ten years and so I know how to get around the city, what areas to stay at, and a nice day-trip destination like the back of my hand. Having recently moved back to the central region of Japan, I take the time to explore my new neighbourhood and the rest of my country. When travelling, I take every opportunity to interact with locals and experience the best of each region. 

Besides being a podcast host, a travel adviser, and a friendly private tour guide, I have worked as a part-time consultant to local governments: Nagano City and Miyazu City of the Kyoto by the Sea region. While supporting their efforts in tourism development, I have learned a lot about their charms as well as challenges in their local community.

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Real words from our community members

" Miyuki is an outstanding professional and expert on Japan."

"She has taken her curiosity and tenaciousness along with her background as a licensed guide and journalist to create a one-of-a-kind product. Her behind-the-scenes access has presented us with a depth of unrivaled information on Japan." - Scott Gilman

Visualise this with me,
What if you could...

  • Have the right mindset that allows you to interact with Japanese people in a completely foreign environment.

  • Be familiar with Japanese history, regional characteristics, and different types of cultural experiences, so that you can make a better decision on where to visit and what to experience. 

  • Know useful Japanese phrases and vocabularies that you can use while travelling and talking to locals. 

  • Be informed about important cultural manners and social customs so that you don't have to worry about being treated as a foreigner who doesn't know anything about Japan. 

  • Be aware of what tools to use when booking cultural activities, guided tours, transportation methods and accommodations, and when travelling. 

  • Be part of an private community of like-minded travellers and local experts who can share their input when you have questions about Japan and travel planning. 

Don't you think you can 
immerse yourself in Japan and travel confidently even by yourself?

So that you can make local friends and memories of a life-time?

Sound like a plan?

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