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Let me guess... 
Here's what's in your mind!

  • There are too many great options. Which one is the best choice for us?

  • I don't know how to figure out the best travel route and find the right transport option.

  • We need help finding and booking good local cultural experiences that can fit well with our travel plan.

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Imagine if...

  • You could have an idea on unique Japanese options and be informed about the perfect choices for your needs and interest 

  • You could access first hand knowledge of a local licensed guide who has travelled Japan extensively

  • You could make bookings of traditional inns and local cultural activities that you want without worrying about the language barrier 

This would make your travel planning easier and faster, right?


The Japan Travel Program

The 1:1 program that transforms your Japan travel experience
in just 6 weeks

In a way that makes your travel planning easier and faster

and makes your travel experience deeper

so that you'll maximise your travel experience while saving time and energy!

All you have to do is to follow:

The Easy 4 Steps!

Step 1: Research
(Week 1)

Fill out a preference form and travel itinerary sheet as much as possible. I'll provide useful resources for you to check and find your own preference. 

Step 2: Discuss 
(Week 2)

Schedule the first consultation session and share the travel itinerary sheet at least one week before the session. I'll help you build your itinerary with personalised recommendations based on your needs and interests. 

Arrange your accommodation, activities and tours. I'll direct you to the right website and other helpful tools that complete your bookings in English. I'll review everything if it meets your needs and preferences and help you make better decisions. 

Step: 3: Arrange
(Week 3-5)

Step 4: Finalise 
(Week 6)

Finalise your travel itinerary and complete travel arrangements through the second consultation session. I'll help you solve any challenges you may come across in the booking process. 

Hi, I'm Miyuki

I'm a Japanese-English speaking licensed guide and independent travel adviser, with my mission in bridging Japan and fellow travellers like you.


Originally from Japan, I was educated in the UK, have worked in an international environment and have gained immersive travel experiences in a few dozen countries.


​I have travelled across Japan extensively. ​My style of travelling is to visit the right place for the right activity -- whether it's visiting historically and culturally important sites or participating in cultural activities -- and learn the best about places from local people directly. 

Through this program, I'm so excited to guide you through the journey to create your best Japan travel experience.

If you enrol today,
in just 6 weeks,
you'll have:

✅ Your personalised Japan travel itinerary ready based on your needs and interest ​
✅ The best travel route confirmed through my first-hand experience and easy-to-use travel route finder​
✅ Traditional accommodations and activities booked by saving time to find the right resources by yourself
​✅ Travel arrangements completed using local services and other useful tools​
✅ Confidence to travel independently by having all your questions answered


Join the waitlist now!

I'm committed to giving my full support to every single client, so I can only offer very few spots every month. If you're ready, put your name on the waitlist. I'll be in touch with you as soon as the next spot is available!

≒ $500 USD

What's included in this program: 


Two 1:1 consultation sessions where we can discuss your overall itinerary and solve specific challenges that you face during the planning and booking process


Private chat support through which I can answer any questions that are related to your planning and booking


An easy-to-fill-out Japan travel planning sheet and preference form that helps you identify your interest by simply answering questions


A tutorial video that explains how to get around within Japan and find the best travel route

Image by erika m
Got questions?

Q: How far in advance should I join this program?

The Japan Travel Program is a 6-week program. It's advisable to enrol in the program 3-6 months before your trip. This way, after your itinerary is fixed, you will have some time to learn more about Japan for deeper cultural appreciation and to be best prepared for the language and cultural barriers that you are likely to face during your trip. I trust this process is very important for you to maximise your Japan Travel Experience.

After completing the program and the trip...

What my amazing clients are saying
Kirsty from Scotland

"I would never have had the confidence to plan everything on my own without Miyuki’s help.

I would probably have ended up with a trip to Tokyo and would have missed all the experience that I achieved along the way."

What made you decide to join this program?

Having never been to Japan before, or known anybody who has, I just needed some confidence that my plans are achievable. I had done a lot of research online with Facebook groups and Tiktok as well as on Japanese tourist websites.  I was confident that my goals were achievable but it's the little things like knowing what are good/bad areas in larger cities for accommodation or booking attractions/experiences ahead of time which make you feel more at ease. 

How was it like working with Miyuki? 

Being able to talk to Miyuki face to face at the start, which gives more confidence that the advice you are getting is tailor made to you and not just something that has been copied and pasted from the internet. Miyuki has also been patient with me changing my itinerary, providing me with the benefits of adding in an extra city and swapping around the order of my visits. She also helped with my alternative accommodation choices, giving me the confidence to go ahead and change the accommodation which I had initially researched for weeks before choosing. I also thought that the travel app Miyuki has recommended was invaluable on the trip itself. By the end of the program, I felt excited and confident about my trip.

Where did you like the most among all places you visited and why?

City location - The Cafe bar at the Skytree. This was my WOW I have finally made it to Japan moment. Local location - Hikone. It was nice and quiet compared to all the other locations and I was able to to soak in the history and the beauty of the area.

What suggestions have you received that came to be helpful to your trip?

I am thankful for Miyuki's suggestion of Hikone as I was unaware of the location before, and it was one of the highlights of my trip. I would advise anybody doing a multi city tour to build in some down time in local areas. I rearranged some of my itinerary items to line up with Miyuki's suggestions on opening times. I was also able to focus more on using the buses in Kyoto which I was not aware of, I was originally focused on the trains.

Image by Sora Sagano
Ready to maximise your Japan Travel Experience?

Join the waitlist now!

" Miyuki is an outstanding professional and expert on Japan."

"She has taken her curiosity and tenaciousness along with her background as a licensed guide and journalist to create a one-of-a-kind product. Her behind-the-scenes access has presented us with a depth of unrivaled information on Japan." - Scott from the USA

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