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Feeling overwhelmed with too many choices? Not sure about how to figure out the best travel route?

Let's make your unique Japan travel plan together and I'll help make your planning easier and faster!


The Japan Travel Program

Let's make your unique Japan travel plan together and I'll help make your planning easier and faster!

I'll help you with the challenges you are facing right now:

  • Narrowing down your choices based on your needs and interests

  • Figuring out the best travel route and public transport options for your trip 

  • Finding the right cultural activities and tours that can fit well with your travel itinerary   

  • Add your challenge here!                    


I'll make personalised recommendations based on your travel goal, priority and preferences -- whether they are about travel routes, places to visit, or cultural activities -- and so you can save time in researching and more importantly find the perfect choices for you. 

I'll also share with you tips and tricks about booking local experiences and direct you to the right resources and other recommended travel planning tools that are available in English and so you can make bookings easily even if you don't speak Japanese. 

The best part? You'll have my full support!


We'll chat 1:1 over two consultation sessions and I'll help you through private chat support in case you need any support along the planning and booking process, so that you'll have your unique Japan travel itinerary in just about a month! 

It's your choice if you want to make your travel plan as fast as you can or take a longer time to finalise your travel plan, as you'll have the flexibility to schedule your second consultation session anytime up to 30 days after the first consultation session. 

Image by Masaaki Komori
Ready to invest in fast and stress-free travel planning?

I'm committed to giving my full support, so I can only offer very few spots every month. These spots fill up very fast! If you're ready, put your name to the waitlist and I'll be in touch with you soon!

Join the waitlist now!

  • Two 1:1 consultation sessions (An hour per session)

  • Private chat support for 30 days

  • Easy-to-fill-out Japan travel planning sheet

Here's what's possible for you!

Create your custom travel plan efficiently with personalised recommendations

Totally excited and ready to travel to Japan by having your questions answered

Got questions?

Q: Can you walk me through the process after I join this program?

Absolutely! Once you enrol in the program, you'll be asked to fill out a preference form and share your travel plan. Based on that, I will help create a personalised travel itinerary for you, which usually takes 1-2 weeks. I will share it with you before the first consultation and so we can discuss further when we speak. After that, you can check suggested resources, make decisions and make necessary arrangements. The second consultation will be the opportunity for you to solve any challenges that may arise during the booking process and ask any other questions regarding preparing for your trip to Japan.

Real Words from a Fellow Traveller

"Having never been to Japan before, or known anybody who has, I just needed some confidence that my plans are achievable.


It's the little things like knowing what are good/bad areas in larger cities for accommodation or booking attractions/experiences ahead of time which make you feel more at ease as a solo female traveller.


Being able to talk to Miyuki face to face at the start, which gives more confidence that the advice you are getting is tailor made to you and not just something that has been copied and pasted from the internet.


Miyuki has also been patient with me changing my itinerary, providing me with the benefits of adding in an extra city and swapping around the order of my visits.


Miyuki also helped with my alternative accommodation choices, giving me the confidence to go ahead and change the accommodation which I had initially researched for weeks before choosing.


I also think that the travel app Miyuki has recommended will be invaluable on the trip itself.


I am excited and confident about my trip now.


Taking advantage of her offer of a Hikone tour also means that I am brave enough to stop off and do a tour in between cities and accommodation."                                     

-- Kirsty from Scotland 

Image by Yu Kato

"I can't thank her enough."

"The value of Miyuki's guidance for planning my itinerary has been immeasurable. After finding out my interests and a few specific activities I wanted to accomplish during my upcoming visit to Japan, she provided a list of cities and sites for my further research which led me to a few more places I didn't know about and probably would never have known about without her." - Michael from the USA

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