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The Uniquely Japan Tours

Fully customisable private tours designed for you to enjoy Japan's unique cultural traditions and authentic experiences with locals. 

Japan licensed tour guide

Meet your private guide Miyuki!

First, let me introduce myself.

I'm a bilingual licensed guide based in central Japan. After spending time in the UK and Tokyo, I returned to my home region a few years ago. I love discovering the hidden gems of Japan by exploring smaller cities and rural areas. I particularly enjoy learning about regional characteristics and local cultural traditions through connecting with the stories and legacies of people in the past, as well as those who are living in the present. 

I can't wait to share the best of what I've discovered through welcoming you to the Uniquely Japan Tours!

Why the Uniquely Japan Tours?

The Uniquely Japan Tours offer a personalised tour experience that includes the following elements. Your tours will be designed, arranged, and hosted by me as your private guide, based on your interests and preferences.

 sights with great stories

Visit historically and culturally important places that may be less known but are worth-visiting, with great stories to discover. 

experiences with experts

Interact with local experts specialised in a field of your choice such as crafts and cultural traditions.

Authentic japanese food

Enjoy authentic Japanese food at a local restaurant, which can be harder to access if you don't speak Japanese.

The Uniquely Japan Tours are conducted in central Japan.

This is not only because I'm based in the region and can offer a local perspective,

but mainly because I believe that the region holds many charms that international visitors often overlook and may find hard to discover on their own.

Central Japan

Central Japan is for you...

If you're interested in any of the following:

1. Less Crowded, More Rural Japan

Appreciate the tranquil countryside scenery not commonly found in bustling cities and tourist hubs. Encounter fewer international visitors, making it easier for you to immerse yourself in Japanese culture.

2. Less Touristy, More Authentic Japan

Discover places frequented by locals, often not found in travel guidebooks. Experience the real local life, gaining insights you wouldn't obtain from visiting tourist cities alone.

3. Easy Access by Public Transport

Located in the heart of Japan, the central region is just a quick and easy ride away from cities on your itinerary, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Kanazawa. You could easily visit here for a day trip!

4. Craftsmanship and Sustainable Living

Embrace a long history of craftmaking and local cultural traditions directly from artisans and specialists. Learn how they sustain natural resources and uphold traditional lifestyles.

5. Samurai History and Castles

The region is home to famous battlefields, original wooden-structured and other historically important castles, offering an unmissable opportunity to delve into Japan's samurai history.

Real Words from My Guests

Some of the main tourist places are so interesting, but they're also very crowded and there are just many tourists from all over the world, and that can sometimes make it feel less authentic at times.


We found that some of the smaller, less traveled places were every bit as special to see and then we were able to connect that much more with the local culture and people, which really added to the experience for us.


We also think that coming to a place that maybe isn't quite as visited is sometimes more affordable and can be more enjoyable just in that there's space and time that people are willing to give you for a chat. 

Ben and Claire from Seattle

Here're amazing cultural experiences we can offer in central Japan! 

Click on the following pictures to find out what each of these experiences is about.