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Let me tell you
my travel story...

I met Jamie online. We became friends soon after.


We decided to travel together.  

We picked a destination, planned out the details, and created an itinerary.

I made my way to Jamie’s home country. Jamie came to meet me from a different region.

During the trip, Jamie had friendly chats with other local people, suggested some good local dishes to try, and taught me colloquial expressions and slang words.

What I had experienced was quite different from what I got used to in my home country.

Together with Jamie, I had memorable experiences with the locals and learned to adapt to their customs easily. I felt like I blended into their society, which was much more fun than being treated as a tourist.

One day, Jamie was stepping away for a while. I came across a group of local tourists. They treated me unfairly because I looked different from them. I was upset but I felt strong and secure, as Jamie listened to my story and cared for my feelings.

Travelling with Jamie was a transformative experience for me.

It broadened my horizon.
It enlightened me to embrace the differences.
Most importantly, it led me to self-discovery.

These are the values that I would like to help create for you.

This is a true story except the fact that Jamie is not a real name. 


Have you ever struggled to communicate with Japanese people because of the language and cultural barrier?

If so, you are not alone.

The most common trouble for foreign tourists to face in Japan is about communication with the local people.

Only one in four Japanese people has a passport, meaning that many Japanese are not accustomed to foreign languages, customs, and people from abroad.

What’s even more challenging is that some Japanese expect others to read between the lines, while many others avoid speaking in an explicit way, and so a simple translation from word to word doesn’t really help you communicate with the locals on a deeper level.


But don’t worry – I have your back!

The Japan Immersion
Travel Package

The Japan Immersion Travel is a full-package that helps you to be fully ready for immersion travel in Japan and interact with the local people confidently.


In a pre-travel Japan Immersion Travel course, I will assist you with travel planning and teach you knowledge you need including but not limited to practical tips on how to communicate with Japanese people and basic Japanese phrases and vocabularies.

During your trip, you will have a chance to spend a day with me. I will show you my neighbourhood, introduce the local people’s favourites, and traditional events that are happening in a local community – the experiences you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Image by Susann Schuster


What if you could: 

  • Leave familiarity without any fears and enjoy new experiences that will lead you to self-discovery. 

  • Communicate with local people in Japan with no stress about the language barrier.

  • Gain the ability to ask good questions to local people and have a good conversation with craftsmen, artisans, and sensei.

  • Make meaningful connections in Japan that would last after you return to your country. 

Sounds like a plan?

Here are the simple three steps:
  • Listen to five full Japan Experts podcast episodes and familiarise yourself with Japanese culture

  • Take the Japan Immersion travel course and have your ideal immersive travel plan ready

  • Connect with like-minded travellers in a private community and help each other

  • Ask any questions you may have before departure in a private consulting session with Miyuki

  • Decide on what cultural activity you would like to try during a day tour with Miyuki

  • Agree on a customised one-day tour itinerary

  • Meet Miyuki at a pre-agreed location in the central region

  • Take local trains together to move around places

  • Enjoy local food and drink for lunch

  • Have your Japan-related questions answered during a private tour with Miyuki

Whenever I go out with my friends, I’m the one who researches, plans, and leads the way, and I enjoy every single process. Whether it’s my neighbourhood or somewhere unfamiliar, I love to explore and check out something new like restaurants, cafes, or events.

Meet your personal guide Miyuki


I’m a Japanese-English speaking licensed guide, certified by the Japanese government. Originally from a small town of the central Japan, I grew up and stayed in a monolingual and monocultural environment --- being raised by Japanese parents who speak no other language except Japanese, involved with some local community engagement and traditional events, and spending a Japanese school life of the seniority system --- until I decided to study in the UK for my undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Efficiency and flexibility are my favourite words. I’m obsessed with spending time wisely and making the most out of anything. At the same time, I enjoy unexpected encounters by serendipity and so I travel spontaneously and keep my itinerary adaptable.

Moving from rural Scottish town St Andrews to more vibrant cosmopolitan city Oxford to the world’s most magnetic capital London, I had met and became friends with people from all over the world, and travelled across the UK and Europe including Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Munich, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Florence, Tuscany, Potenza, and many more!

Since returning to Japan, I have taken solo trips to Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, San Francisco, New York, and São Paulo, and I was so fortunate to have made local friends along the journey and everywhere I travelled to.

I want to assist you in all possible ways to help create a transformative experience.

Image by Alain Pham

A personalised tour only for you!

A day-tour will be fully customised depending on the area of your interest. Simply decide on a major activity of the day among some suggested options and the rest will be handled by me.


While the details – a restaurant we eat at, a shop we visit, or the people we meet – will vary from tour to tour, what I can promise in every tour is a memorable time with the local people.

Whether you are keen to have a casual chat or wanting to ask a thought-provoking question about Japanese customs, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn the unfamiliar, gain first-hand experience of a local life, and of course to sample the best local dishes! 

What's in the Tokai region?

グレー アイデア アイキャッチ インスタグラムの投稿 (25).png

The meeting point will be a convenient location in the Tokai region and we will be travelling together by local trains, which is a great place to observe Japanese people!


Located right in the center of Japan’s Honshu Island, the Tokai region has easy access, wherever you are coming from Eastern Japan or Western Japan. The Chubu Centrair International airport is only half an hour away from Nagoya station.


Despite its geographical advantage, most travellers from overseas usually miss the opportunity to make a stop in this region. What’s important to tell you is that the Tokai region is one of Japan’s most charming regions to explore.

Here are some cultural immersion experiences that you can try with me. 

Experience the soul of the Japanese

Japanese people love festivals and watching these festivals up close gives you a chance to feel the soul of the Japanese.


Through April to October, hundreds of festivals take place in different parts of the region. Some of them involve festive floats which are beautifully decorated, pulled and moved along streets by groups of people. Some of the floats even function as a stage to give puppetry performances.


That’s partly because these traditional festivals are aimed at praying to deities for protection and at strengthening bonds in the local community.


Indulge in local food and drink


Food is an excellent way to get to know the people in a casual and friendly approach.

The Tokai region is the home of unique local dishes often with a strong taste such as Miso Nikomi Udon noodles, Miso Katsu deep-fried pork cutlet, and Unagi Hitsumabushi grilled eel rice bowl.


In fact, many secret ingredients of Japanese cuisine are produced in this region. Fermented food such as miso, mirin, and vinegar, are what makes Japanese dishes so delicious. People say consuming these foods leads to longevity and anti-aging.


And of course, a café culture is something you want to experience. Many locals go to a café in the morning to chat with their neighbours over a cup of coffee, which is served with breakfast at no additional cost.

What's included in this package?

The Japan immersion travel course
A 60-min private consulting session
A personalised day tour (up to 6 hours)
Bonus: Exclusive access to
Japan immersive Tavel community
Bonus: five full podcast episodes 
(50-60 minutes per episode) 

Please note that your food and drink expenses and public transportation fees are not included in this package.

Sounds great!

So, how much does it cost?

My goal is to help you gain immersive experiences throughout the journey. While I will arrange everything I can during your personalised tour, it is important that you will seek out new experiences in other times too, so I would highly recommend that you enrol into the Japan Immersion Travel Course and prepare yourself with knowledge and skills you need to experience Japan to the fullest.

A customised
day tour

including Tour operation cost and tax
A 30-min consulting session
A personalised day tour
Two bonuses

A personalised
full package

including Tour operation cost and tax
The Japan immersion travel course
A 60-min consulting session
A personalised day tour
Two bonuses

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