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The Japan Travel Essentials

The 30-day travel planning course for introverted travellers who want authentic experiences in Japan!

I'll show you the best ways to plan and prepare for your trip to Japan, so that you can travel deeper and smarter, and feel energised, encouraged and enlightened during and after your trip!

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It's expected in January 2023!

First off, let me ask you... 

Are you an introverted traveller?

not sure? let's do a little quiz together. Ready?

You don't mind spending time on your own and actually enjoy it.


You like asking deep questions in order to understand things better. 


You are good at observing other people's behaviours and easily notice what's around you.  


You love listening to people's stories and engaging in one-on-one conversations. 


You get tired after visiting busy places and being surrounded by the crowds. 

If you've got more than one yes, welcome my friend!

You're a fellow introverted traveller!!
At the moment, you're...

🙁 Not sure whether spring or autumn are the best time for you to visit Japan, although you've heard that the times for cherry blossoms and autumn leaves are the best in Japan. 

🙁 Not knowing much about Japan apart from major tourist attractions mentioned in the cookie-cutter itinerary that you've found on the Internet. 


🙁 Finding it difficult to discern what looks good from too many choices on the Internet, with limited time to spend on researching.


🙁 Feeling worried about getting lost and getting around places. 


🙁 Having trouble finding affordable traditional accommodation such as Ryokan and Shukubo.

🙁 A complete beginner to the Japanese language and have no idea how to speak to locals. 

But, you want to...

🙂 Make a wise decision about when to visit Japan by knowing about Japan's landscapes and annual events as well as the peak seasons for the year.


🙂 Have your original itinerary, visit some off the beaten locations that are loved by locals and appreciate cultural and historical significance at each site like locals would do.


🙂 Invest your time and money in cultural experiences that are worth a try among those that are most suitable for your area of interest. 


🙂 Figure out the most convenient travel route by yourself even with last-minute changes.


🙂 Stay at authentic Japanese accommodation and feel ready for cultural immersion.

🙂 Have a bit of interaction with Japanese people and get to know the local culture first-hand.

If you're having such a mix of feelings, you’re in the right place! 

Japan has become a popular destination for travellers, with the number of visitors arriving in Japan growing for the 8 straight years through 2019 before the pandemic hit. 


With Japan’s border opening, major tourist attractions are already full of tourists from all over the world.


And if you don't plan your trip well, this means you will need more time to explore tourist attractions with longer queues to get in, more money to book accommodation and activities in high seasons, and more energy to complete your journey while being surrounded by the crowds.


In order to protect your time, costs and energy, it’s essential to plan your trip better and travel smarter.


The best way to do that is to learn about Japan ahead of planning and travelling, be aware of what you should expect during your trip and make plans accordingly. 

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Real Words from a Fellow Traveller

"Having never been to Japan before, or known anybody who has, I just needed some confidence that my plans are achievable.


It's the little things like knowing what are good/bad areas in larger cities for accommodation or booking attractions/experiences ahead of time which make you feel more at ease as a solo female traveller.


Being able to talk to Miyuki face to face at the start, which gives more confidence that the advice you are getting is tailor made to you and not just something that has been copied and pasted from the internet.


Miyuki has also been patient with me changing my itinerary, providing me with the benefits of adding in an extra city and swapping around the order of my visits.


With this change, Miyuki also helped with my alternative accommodation choices, giving me the confidence to go ahead and change the accommodation which I had initially researched for weeks before choosing.


I also think that the travel app Miyuki has recommended will be invaluable on the trip itself.


I am excited and confident about my trip now.


Taking advantage of her offer of a Hikone tour also means that I am brave enough to stop off and do a tour in between cities and accommodation."                                     

-- Kirsty from Scotland 

Let me help you make your dream trip to Japan a reality!

Hi, I'm Miyuki Seguchi, Japanese-English speaking licensed guide and Japan travel adviser, with my mission in bridging Japan and fellow travellers like you.


Originally from Japan, I was educated in the UK, have worked in an international environment and have gained immersive travel experiences in a few dozen countries. Through such experiences, I have realised the charms of cultural, natural and human resources of my own country. 

I have travelled across Japan extensively and am currently focused on travelling more within Kanto, Chubu and Kansai – the 3 regions with a great number of historically and culturally significant sites as well as the most developed public transport network. 


My style of travelling is to visit the right place for the right activity -- whether it's visiting historically and culturally important sites or participating in cultural activities. I trust that locals know the best of the region, so when visiting places even within Japan, I connect with local guides to hear their stories and their recommendations. I also enjoy sampling local food and love appreciating regional and seasonal landscapes.

I’m an introvert and sensitive to what’s surrounding me, meaning that I’m highly aware of small changes of natural landscapes but I’m less tolerant of the crowds and busy places.

I also value efficiency and flexibility, so I make my travel plan adjustable with contingencies in mind.

Image by Atul Vinayak

Being an introvert doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy socialising. It just means I'm more comfortable engaging in one-on-one conversations or being in a smaller group than a bigger one. 


In fact, I love meeting new people and engaging in deeper conversations. When travelling, I always interact with locals I meet along the journey. I enjoy learning about their culture and daily life as well as different ways of thinking.

Through such precious encounters,
I always find myself feeling energised, encouraged and enlightened during and after my trip.

Even with a travel plan, travelling is always unpredictable, which, I believe, makes travelling so much fun. But unexpected events can lead to disappointment or worries sometimes. I have experienced all sorts of feelings during my international and domestic travel experiences but have almost always found serendipity from my experiences, which I felt very grateful for.

And I can say that the secret for such positive experiences is that I always planned my trip well and prepared myself for a new adventure in advance.

Would you like to gain such a positive experience in Japan that will become a memory of your lifetime? 

Let me show you how to plan better and have yourself prepared, so that you can travel deeper and smarter!

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Here's just a taste of what we'll cover: 
  • Best places to visit based on special interests and specific needs
  • locals' favourite places and activities that are less known by foreign tourists
  • How to schedule a trip to protect your time, costs and energy
  • the ways to enjoy The landscapes of the season while avoiding the crowds​​
  • how to locate  the most accessible travel route and convenient transport method  instantly
  • How to Discern decent local accommodation for the price                  

The Result?

Gain all the essential knowledge you need to plan your trip through self-paced tutorial videos

Discover the best places for you to visit with a personalised list of recommendations based on your interests and specific needs

Create your original and adjustable travel itinerary using an easy-to-fill-out spreadsheet

Become fully ready for your trip to Japan by having all concerns sorted during 1:1 consultation session with me

Make your Japan travel plan within 30 days with accountability support

Become prepared for cultural appreciation with special bonuses you'll receive

Real words from our Friends

" Miyuki is an outstanding professional and expert on Japan."

"She has taken her curiosity and tenaciousness along with her background as a licensed guide and journalist to create a one-of-a-kind product. Her behind-the-scenes access has presented us with a depth of unrivaled information on Japan." - Scott Gilman

Image by Masaaki Komori

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