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Japan travel planner

Let me guess...
Here's what's in your mind:

  • I've got a rough travel plan, but I'm not sure about whether it's going to work and if it's feasible for the length of my trip.

  • I have ideas and places in mind, but I find it difficult to put these ideas together into a realistic itinerary.

If so, you are in the right place!

Trip to Japan


Japan Travel Optimiser

A 90-minute 1:1 session to craft and solidify your Japan travel itinerary

Over the past few years, I've been helping international visitors create their amazing travel experience. I've also travelled to different parts of Japan and witnessed many other visitors experiencing disappointments, regrets, and hassles during their trip.


If you seek smoother and better experiences, pre-travel planning is the key. However, Japan travel planning isn't as straightforward as you would hope... is that what you're thinking?

Actually, it's not that complicated if you know what to plan for and what to book in advance. Plus, I love keeping things simple and making them efficient. 

So bring your travel plan, ideas or even a wish list to this 90-minute session, and I'll turn them into a full itinerary that makes your travel experience easier, smoother, and better. 

Here's what we'll work on together!
1. Confirm places to visit 
  • Decide on 2-3 specific places to visit each day including activities or tours

  • Identify what requires a reservation and select the best method to make bookings

2. Locate the best travel route
  • Find the most appropriate travel route and transport option between the places you'll visit

  • Determine the most efficient order of visits and the optimal timing for your travel schedule

3. Finess the details
  • Allocate the appropriate number of days for each city or town.

  • Confirm whether it’s feasible to cover all of your scheduled visits for the duration of your trip

4. find the best place to stay
  • Find the right type of accommodation and the best location for your convenience 

  • Plan the best way to travel hassle-free with your luggage 

Japan travel
What's the investment?
Save your spot now for only:
JPY 50,000 (≒ $300 USD)

My promise to you:

In this 90-minute session, I don't just suggest revisions and alternative choices to enhance your travel itinerary; we'll actually get the work done! 


When necessary, I'll assist you in conducting searches in Japanese and point you in the right direction for booking local activities, accommodations and transport, all to expedite your Japan travel planning journey. 


Consider me as your travel planning partner and I'll help you create a solidified Japan travel itinerary, get clear about the steps to make bookings and prepare for travelling easily and efficiently.

Japan travel adviser
cherry blossoms in Japan

Let's summarise!

By joining this 90-minute session, you'll:

Complete the essential travel planning steps to ensure better and smoother travel experiences.

Have a solidified and feasible Japan travel itinerary with travel details mapped out. 

Know what and how to book in advance, saving you time from researching on your own.

How it works:
1. BOOk session

Once you're enrolled, you'll receive an email with a link to my calendar. You can book a session as early as the following week.

2. Share  ideas

Please share with me about your plans, ideas and any concerns you may have before your session so that I'll review them beforehand. 

3. solidify itinerary

I'll help turn your plans and ideas into a solidified itinerary. I'll also provide personalised recommendations based on your interests.

What my amazing clients are saying
Japan Travel Planner

I would never have had the confidence to plan everything on my own without Miyuki’s help. I would probably have ended up with a trip to Tokyo and would have missed all the experience that I achieved along the way.

Having never been to Japan before, or known anybody who has, I just needed some confidence that my plans are achievable. I had done a lot of research online with Facebook groups and Tiktok as well as on Japanese tourist websites. I was confident that my goals were achievable but it's the little things like knowing what are good/bad areas in larger cities for accommodation or booking attractions/experiences ahead of time which make you feel more at ease.


Being able to talk to Miyuki face to face at the start, which gives more confidence that the advice you are getting is tailor made to you and not just something that has been copied and pasted from the internet. Miyuki has also been patient with me changing my itinerary, providing me with the benefits of adding in an extra city and swapping around the order of my visits. She also helped with my alternative accommodation choices, giving me the confidence to go ahead and change the accommodation which I had initially researched for weeks before choosing. I also thought that the travel app Miyuki has recommended was invaluable on the trip itself.

I am thankful for Miyuki's suggestion of Hikone as I was unaware of the location before, and it was one of the highlights of my trip. I would advise anybody doing a multi city tour to build in some down time in local areas. 

Kirsty from Scotland

Japan Travel Planner

Miyuki gave us options I wouldn't have been able to find on my own, such as good traditional Japanese hotels with hot springs, local festivals and sights that are lesser known but well worth seeing.

I know everybody says you should visit Kyoto and Osaka on your first visit. What really struck me was what Miyuki said about how to plan a trip to Japan: we should think about what we want to experience instead of what places we want to visit. We were unsure about how to find locations and activities that best suit our interests. I thought it would be great if she could help us with that. 

Her service is really professional and well organised. I really liked in-person consultation sessions. I was somewhat concerned about the heat and rain in Japan. Through her advice, I realised that the time of the year we go is a good time without much rain and heat. This made us feel more confident to go a bit further south during our trip. She has also provided links that I would never have found on my own. And I've searched very hard! 

Miyuki really helped us make progress with our itinerary and supplied us with lots of ideas and helpful links. This process really confirmed the things that interest us. I feel very happy and the trip is more prepared than ever! 

Extra information about the habits of Japanese people and how to get around was really useful too. I think a lesson about the way of the Japanese (日本人道) gave us a lot of the value.

Ron and Jan from the Netherlands

Japan Travel

We had an amazing, once in a lifetime trip! I thank Miyuki so much for all of her help - it made it a most memorable experience.

I was looking for an authentic, cultural experience for my first time in Japan. My challenge was finding travel information from native Japanese people. I did not want a travel itinerary based on foreigner's blogs, of which there are many.


I felt good that I have completed this program. It also relieved the stress of endless research on my own. 


We had an amazing, once in a lifetime trip! We especially loved Koyasan, the minshuku stay in Shirakawa-go, everything related to food, the art museum near Mt Fuji and the autumn colors. 


I loved Miyuki's travel itinerary. I thank her so much for all of her help - it made it a most memorable experience.


Kaitlyn from the United States

Japan Travel

It was so nice to have a partner in planning! Miyuki is very organized, helpful, informative, and professional. We highly recommend the program to other people interested in traveling to Japan!

Before joining this program, we were facing challenges of knowing where to go, narrowing down the choices, making a route and assessing whether a location was worth visiting. 

Miyuki really took time to understand what we wanted to do and make recommendations accordingly. Review of our itinerary was invaluable. We also appreciated the very tailored advice. It saved us a lot of time in planning.

It was also nice to have the Facebook group as a companion to the program. We found it helpful to ask questions once the program is finished. Now we are confident in our trip and feel much more prepared!

Amanda and Graeme from the United States

Mt Fuji in autumn

Would you like to turn your Japan travel ideas into a ready-to-go itinerary?

A special bonus for you
Japan Travel Planner

When you join this session, you'll have the following:

Japan Travel Planner

that allows you to easily map out all the necessary travel details and check your itinerary at a glance. 

Priority Clarity tools

that clarify your travel priorities and identify your interests and preferences. 

Got questions? I've got the answers!
  • Q: I'm interested! What should I do now?
    Awesome! Please complete this form as the first step. I'll review and be in touch shortly with the next steps. If you are the right fit for the program, you'll be invited for a 1:1 introductory session where you can share with me about your travel goals and you will also have your questions answered.
  • Q: Am I the right fit for this program?
    This program is for you if you are willing to learn about Japan before your trip and to try out authentic Japanese experiences loved by locals. This program is not a done-for-you service and your initiative is the key to successfully creating your travel itinerary and completing every step of the process. I will help you through the whole process from setting your travel priority to designing your trip and completing bookings and will also provide the input and resources you need along the journey.
  • Q: How far in advance should I enrol in the program?
    Based on my previous experience of working with my clients, 8 weeks should give you sufficient time to have your travel itinerary ready from scratch and complete bookings. It's however advisable to enrol in the program at least 3-6 months before your trip. Popular accommodations and cultural activities will be booked out a few months in advance so I recommend having your itinerary ready in time for the reservation to open so that you won't miss anything you want.
  • Q: What's the process of working together over the course of this program?
    You'll be first asked to answer 7 simple questions and I'll make the first draft of your personalised itinerary based on your answer. During the first consultation session, I'll walk you through all the options I suggest and brief you about pros and cons about each option. Over a 8 week period, you are encouraged to do your own research, make decisions and complete bookings. If you're facing any challenges in regards to planning and bookings, I'm only an email away and will give you input, resources and all other support you need so that you can move your travel planning journey faster and with ease. You'll also receive self-paced content from the Japan Travel Essentials course every week so that you can build Japan travel knowledge effectively and complete your travel planning journey successfully. During the second consultation session, I'll help you finalise your travel plan and solve all your concerns so that you will be ready to create amazing experiences in Japan. You will have the flexibility to work at your own pace and complete the program within 8 weeks.
  • Q: Do I get to ask questions outside of consultation sessions?
    Of course! Private chat support will be available over a 8 week period between the two consultation sessions. I will get back to you within 48 hours except for the weekends and Japan's public holidays.
  • Q: When are the consultation sessions held?
    I keep my Fridays free for consultation sessions, so the available time slots will be: Thursday evenings in North America, Friday mornings in Europe and the UK, and Friday daytimes and evenings in Australia and New Zealand. I can offer some Saturday time slots if you are in a European time zone and if you have work commitments on Fridays.

Choose the best option for you and
I'll help create your Japan travel itinerary! 

Japan travel consultation

Turn your ideas into a ready-to-go itinerary as we discuss. Get essential travel planning completed.

Best suited for you if you've already got a rough travel plan and want to ensure that everything is well planned for smoother and better travel experiences. 

A 90-min 1:1 itinerary creation session.

Schedule your session within 90 days after your purchase.

Japan travel planning

Full support in drafting your personalised itinerary, making bookings and getting ready for authentic Japanese experiences.

Serve you well whether you are starting out in travel planning or seeking to personalise your travel itinerary for more meaningful and enlightening experiences.

2 × 60-min 1:1 Japan travel consultation sessions and unlimited chat support over an 8-week period.

Flexibility to start the program anytime in the next 12 months with access to the Japan Travel Essentials course.

Japan spring

Kind words 

The value of Miyuki's guidance for planning my itinerary has been immeasurable.


After finding out my interests and a few specific activities I wanted to accomplish during my upcoming visit to Japan, she provided a list of cities and sites for my further research which led me to a few more places I didn't know about and probably would never have known about without her. 


I cannot recommend her enough. If you have an opportunity to use her services, you won’t regret it.

Michael from the United States

I joined this program because planning a trip to Japan was overwhelming!


Miyuki was very thoughtful about helping me craft the right itinerary for my family of five.


We have a complete and well planned itinerary and are excited about our trip.

Lorie from the USA

My challenge was to trim down the itinerary for a convenient travel time and an efficient visit. Through working with Miyuki, I’ve learned about the local train system and ease of visit between cities.


She has made great recommendations not to travel from town to town, from hotel to hotel, but to stay in one location and travel from that location, which made our journey much much better without having carried things around and we were able to see so many wonderful places.


I highly recommend her!

Lori and Alan from the USA

Miyuki Seguchi

Hi, I'm Miyuki

I'm a Japanese-English speaking licensed guide and independent Japan travel adviser, with a mission in bridging Japan and fellow travellers like you.


Originally from Japan, I was educated in the UK, have worked in international environments and gained immersive travel experiences in dozens of countries.


​I have extensively travelled around Japan. ​My style of travelling involves visiting the right place for the right activity -- whether it's exploring historically and culturally significant sites or participating in cultural activities -- and learning the most from locals directly. 

Through this 1:1 session, I'm so excited to help you plan faster and make travelling easier and better.

Japan best scenery

I'm committed to providing my full support to every single client, so I can only offer a very limited number of spots each month. If you're ready, apply now!

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