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The Kyoto Autumn Experience

A ready-to-travel itinerary that efficiently guides you to Japan’s best autumn leaves spots and places to eat authentic Japanese foods during the peak season


This done-for-you itinerary is best suited for you if you: 

  • Have your trip to Kyoto scheduled anytime from mid-November through early December and would like to make the most of your time by choosing authentic experiences that are popular among locals

  • Are keen to enjoy Japan’s best autumn colours and food experiences, while avoiding crowds as much as possible in the peak autumn leaves season

Why should you visit Kyoto in autumn?

Autumn is one of the most popular travelling seasons in Japan. The climate is moderate and the pleasant temperature boosts appetite. Autumn is the time to harvest and so there are lots of delicious foods in season. ​The biggest attraction is coloured leaves, which will peak from mid-November through early December in Kyoto. Kyoto is famous for a great number of temples, which usually have an incredibly beautiful garden or two, if not more. Japan's coloured leaves are magical experiences, which would never bore you, even though you see them every year or you gaze at them for hours. This is why Kyoto attracts about 5 million visitors for the month of November alone -- making it the most popular month to visit. This means you need to know where to visit in advance, when to best schedule each visit and what to book so that you can create the best autumn experiences while avoiding crowds as much as possible. 


The Kyoto Autumn Experience gives you:

A 2-day itinerary with a shortlist of recommended spots for experiencing Japan's best autumn leaves, Japanese cuisine and sweets (see details below)


An easy reference to each spot that explains how to best schedule your visit and how to maximise your experience, all saved on Google Maps

A recommended daily timeline, with travel hacks to avoid crowds in the busy autumn leaves season


The freedom to combine experiences with what you have already planned, with the flexibility to add only 2-3 or all the recommended places to your travel plan

So that you can save hours of time in planning and researching by yourself and travel hassle-free!

Here's what's included:

7 best gardens to enjoy the autumn colours

You'll be given choices of Japanese gardens including stroll-style, zen style and teahouse gardens as well as gardens for nighttime illuminations. All of them allow you to come inside the building and appreciate the beauty of nature while being seated, which is the best way to enjoy Japanese gardens. 

3 restaurants that serve local specialities of Kyoto

Kyoto vegetables, tofu and dashi broth soup are the key ingredients of Kyoto's local dishes. I'll introduce restaurants in affordable price ranges for small plate dishes, multi-course tofu cuisine and casual noodles so you can feel the essence of Kyoto cuisine.

2 Japanese style tearooms featuring Kyoto's famous Sweets

As the centre of tea ceremony, Kyoto is full of tearooms and cafes serving beautiful sweets from traditional wagashi to contemporary desserts. You'll find my recommendations on matcha tea with flower-inspired sweets, mochi with red beans and healthy parfait with ice cream.

Grab this now and
you'll get access for only
JPY15,000 (≒ $99 USD)

Hi, I'm Miyuki

I'm a Japanese-English speaking licensed guide, independent Japan travel adviser and avid traveller who loves to experience the unique charms and local specialities of places I visit. Before visiting anywhere, I always do as much research as I possibly can so that I can make the most of my trip. 

I travelled to Kyoto over the last weekend of November 2022 and visited 18 gardens during the 3 days of the peak autumn leaves season. Kyoto is a city I adore and I have visited the city several dozen times so far.

The Kyoto Autumn Experience is a collection of my recommendations, all of which are places I have visited and will absolutely recommend to my friends, in addition to travel tips and hacks that I accumulated through travelling around Kyoto during both peak and off seasons. I can't wait to share this with you and help you create your best Kyoto trip in autumn.

Image by Korie Cull

I handpicked places to eat that serve not only great local foods but also provide a friendly environment where you can interact with the owner and staff members.


If you would like to try a cosy cafe in a machiya-style house or an authentic restaurant that gives you an amazing garden view, you would love my recommendations!

Which one is the choice for you?

FREE Itinerary
on the Internet
  • Major autumn leaves spots that are full of crowds, which will give you a hard time in looking around

  • Places located in different districts of Kyoto, which are unrealistic to visit within the given time you have

  • Separate articles on restaurants, cafes and transport methods, with which you need to research and figure out the travel route by yourself 

The Kyoto Autumn Experience
  • Japan's popular and quieter autumn leaves spots that you can choose from, with a recommended daily timeline that's designed to travel hassle-free

  • Places located in a same district, all of which are easy to visit on foot or with minimum use of public transport

  • A flexible done-for-you itinerary saved on Google Maps that shows exact locations of recommended gardens, restaurants and cafes and all other information you need to maximise your experience

 It's essential to carefully choose where to visit and plan your trip well when travelling in peak seasons. 

That's why I created the Kyoto Autumn Experience. This is a collection of my absolute recommendations with a daily timeline that's designed to save your energy and time.

If you want to take the hassle out of your trip and experience Japan's best autumn colours and authentic Japanese foods, this is for you!

You can literarlly grab this and apply to your trip instantly!

Kyoto autumn itinerary

All spots saved on your Google Maps

Travel tips and hacks to maximise your experience

Easily walkable routes between places

Would you like to have an incredible autumn experience?
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